Powerful Techniques to Finger a Girl and Make Her Squirt

girl-990095_640Stimulating a woman with the fingers is a fine move in foreplay. Foreplay is best used with fingers, mouth, tongue and other gentler body parts. You can rub the vagina with oil, the oil acts like lubrication for the sensitive areas. If you are pleasuring her so that she creates her own lubrication then that is always a good sign. You must keep some kind of moisture in place, so you can avoid causing her pain or sores. The fingertips are one of the best methods to stimulate the vagina; you want her to become excited during the foreplay.

-Kiss and Caress

The first method that is excellent for starting the process is the “Kiss and Caress”. As you lie next to your girl, kiss her on the lips passionately. Have your right leg, in between her thighs. Start with your right hand (your upper hand in this situation) at her neck (under her left ear), and slowly move your hand down her body. First move your hand down to her breasts, spend some time playing with her boobs and nipples. Your hand should be on a journey. Think about it as it has a destination, but it’s taking pit stops on the way and spending some time at each. From her breasts, move around to her spine. Slowly rub your fingers down her spine until you get to her bum. After you have grabbed, caressed and fondled her bum, come down the back of her thigh and back up through her inner thigh. Once your reach her private area slowly start rubbing her outer vagina.

-Sweet Vibrations

When performing Sweet Vibrations think about your fingers as a vibrating massager that will be used to stimulate the clitoris. The correct pressure is important here, you will have to start lightly and determine pressure based on her reaction. One of the difficulties with this method is that some people have a hard time mimicking this movement, and also sustaining it. See if you can do it now! If you can then you’re a natural, and if not work at it. When you are performing Sweet Vibrations, take breaks during vibrating sessions by slowly circling the area around the clitoris with your fingers.

-Two In, Thumb Up

For this technique, you will be penetrating the vagina with two fingers. Make sure that your girl can handle this. Start with one finger, and determine only then if she can handle two fingers. As you penetrate with your two fingers, place your thumb in a position that will rub against her clit, each time you push your finger in and pull them out.

Remember to prepare for the night ahead of time, by clipping your nails and moisturizing your hands.

-Hit The G Spot

For this technique, place one or two fingers in her vagina. Do a “Come Here” motion with your fingers. The G Spot is somewhat near her belly button, but can only be found from the inside. It feels a bit like the top of your mouth.

-Two Finger, Kiss Of Passion

For this technique you will put her over the top. It is a combination of fingers and oral. Use two fingers to penetrate, while kissing her clitoris. Make your lips like a fish, and put them right over the area. Purse them out as you penetrate in, and purse in when pulling your fingers out. It may take a while to get the coordination.

The fingertips are gentle enough to provide the right amount of stimulation. The clitoris should be the main focus of your attention while fingering her, however don’t be over aggressive as it could turn her off. There are other ways to finger a woman and these include the use multiple fingers, oral and the pinkie finger, however that’s another lesson for another day. The important point is to apply light pressure and continue to use a variety of patterns to make it interesting.

8 Foods that Boost Your Sperm Count

pregnancy-23889_640Whether you’re intentionally trying to procreate and bring new life to this world or whether you want to know what foods to avoid so you don’t bring an aforementioned baby into this world it’s always good to know what foods improve your sperm count. Of course being in peak physical condition is not only going to improve your sperm count but also help you last longer in bed, which is always a good thing isn’t it?

1. Dark chocolate is eaten by the tons on Valentines Day and it’s not just a mere coincidence. Dark chocolate keeps her heart healthy as well as your semen volume with it’s high concentration of powerful amino acids, just don’t over do it or you’ll end up round and probably alone.
2. Forget eating an apple a day, if you want to have a healthy and high sperm count you’re better off adding a creamy banana a day into your daily diet. Bromelain is an enzyme found in some fruits that are known to improve your stamina, libido, and sperm count.
3. One of the main causes of low sperm count or slow swimmers is the excess amount of free radicals in your body. A great way to element they from your system is with antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries and asparagus, both are high in Vitamin C which keeps you and your sperm fighting fit.
4. Ginseng is a root vegetable that has been a go-to cure for just about everything in China for centuries and it’s sperm boosting properties are only just being found by Western doctors. You can grind it up and put it in your coffee or pop a capsule of it and you’ll reap the rewards in the bedroom.
5. Walnuts are probably the most under appreciated nuts out there but if you’re looking to improve your sperms speed and volume you need to be packing in the Omega – 3 fatty acids as much as possible. Walnuts are a great source of fatty acids without as much sodium and preservatives as other sources.
6. This is one that you should actually avoid if you’re looking to improve sperm count. Canned foods are not only bad for your health but the resin lacing the cans since the 1960’s has a powerful chemical in it that has been linked to low sperm count and slow swimmers.
7. Get in that H20! One of the easiest and best ways to help your body create healthy sperm is to keep yourself hydrated, being dehydrated has been linked to slow sperm motility as well as mediocre performances in the bedroom.
8. Maca powder is one of the hottest super foods on the market right now and is really easy to get your hands on and is packed with Vitamins B1, B2, C, and E which are all essential in creating healthy sperm.

If you’re looking to boost your sperm motility or generally just last longer in bed, add these foods into your diet and you’ll see a noticeable improvement. It’s also good to add in a bit of exercise (other than sex) here and there to your everyday routine so you can improve your endurance and keep your partner happy.

The Benefits of Eliminating Cellulite from Your Body

cellulite-1140720_640Cellulite is one of the things which can make the body of women look ugly. Women are mostly very touchy about their outlook especially in front of men. They spend millions over their outlook, throughout their life time to solve problems like cellulite. Some women develop this problem of cellulite when they reach their teens, others face it when they reach mid 20s and some even develop it after their pregnancy. In most cases, women develop after menopause. This physical problem let some women to face some mental health problems like depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Although cellulite can cause skin sagging and skin dimpling anywhere on the body but lower part of the body is most popular to have this problem.

To understand the benefits of eliminating cellulite from body apart from looking beautiful one needs to understand what is cellulite actually. Cellulite is basically a subcutaneous fat which is generally found in the fibrous tissue of the skin. This fat causes skin sagging and skin dimpling. It gives the body bad topography and is mostly found in women. According to some physicians, this problem is caused by hormonal imbalance. It can also be a result of excessive exposure to sunlight or extreme climate. Contrary to the fact that it is not mostly visible, it is a sign of unfit body.

Cellulite is the first sign of unfit body. Elimination of cellulite will not only give you beautiful curvy body with an outward attraction but it will give you a good feel on inside as it means that, you are internally fit too. Fat deposits in our body can give rise to many other problems like heart disease and blood pressure. Moreover, elimination of cellulite can boost your confidence level. This will give you confidence to wear bikini without looking like a grandma and you can freely enjoy all activities without hiding yourself inside water. This confidence boast will help you solve many problems in life, it may land you in new careers like modeling or acting. The fact that women consider it a genetic problem and do not try to solve it, aggravates the problem. The elimination of this problem can change your life as with an improvement in health, you can travel and add more activities in your life. If you are single, you can be sure to get committed after getting rid of this ugly problem.

6 Foods to Make Your Semen Taste Sweeter

semen-1238553_640Oral Sex is something that most people abhor for the simple reason that the semen has bad taste, leaving a horrible aftertaste. However with many hoping to please their partners, many have braved it and experienced a taste they would compare to none. When news about making semen taste better by eating specified foods, some have considered it no doubt as the best thing that could have happened. In this case if you are looking to have oral sex performed on you then here are 6 foods to make your semen taste sweeter.

1. Citrus foods

One for the foods that is sure to make your semen taste better is citrus foods. This comes about as citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges are known to absorb and thus eliminate smells that are found on and in the body. By working as a detoxifying agent, citrus fruits help by flushing water all through the body. In addition since they contain fiber, they move through the body slowly. This way absorbing as much toxin as possible, making semen taste sweet once ejaculation occurs.

2. Pineapples

Although there are many foods that are being studied to help semen taste sweeter, one that has been confirmed to do so is pineapples. With the fact that pineapples are known to be sweet in themselves, they somehow ensure that the same taste reaches semen. As if that is not enough with its high fiber content and citrus behaviors, toxins are also eliminated by eating it.

3. White fish

One food that is sure to clean out your semen is white fish. Although it will not make it taste like something out of this world, it will significantly reduce any negative odors coming with it. This is all made possible as unlike red meats fish, it eliminates unpleasant odors as it metabolizes in the human body. By this and eating other fruity foods you are sure to have sweet tasting semen.

4. Lettuce

Eating foods that have high water content is known to flush out all toxins in the body. With the toxins eliminated only clean fluids are circulated in the body. In this case one to go food to incorporate in our daily diet is lettuce. Not only does it have a high fiber content but its high water content makes it the best there is to make semen taste better.

5. Milk

The biggest surprise on foods that make semen sweeter is milk. This comes about as it is believed beverages that have some fat content and water generally reduce and mask strong odors. In this case if you indulge in foods that are spicy and have a lot of garlic, drinking milk will reduce the sulfur contents producing the bad odor. With the fat effectively neutralizing the odors, the water in milk will then flush out remaining toxic leaving only sugary semen.

6. Water

Although it cannot be considered a food, the only beverage that will work wonders when it comes to oral sex is water. Not only is it odorless but by drinking it in large amounts, you will have your whole system cleaned out, eliminating any smells with it. In the end you will not only smell better from your skin, but your bodily fluids will also benefit greatly.

Exercises to Shoot Your Cum Far

sperm-956480_640Sex is sweet and its sweetness increases when the there is an awesome performance which is top notch. In life the beginning of a thing may not be as important as its very end. This principle applies in sexual life where you would like to reach the climax on a high note. One of the best way of climaxing during sex is by making your cum to shoot farther. It is quite attractive and admiring when you hold cock and shoot it all over a woman. It greatly boosts your ego as it shows your prowess and dominance over your sexual partner.

Shooting your cum far also leaves your partner with a memorable experience and will be always yearning for another sexual encounter with you. However, most men would wish to do this but they shy off giving an excuse that it is only porn stars who are capable of executing it. This is not correct as you can easily achieve this, the only thing that is required from you is willingness to do a number of exercises. Here are not only the best but also healthy ways of doing exercises which will make you to shoot your cum far.

Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercises are mostly recommended to people who would like improve their bedroom prowess and the good thing about these exercises is that they deliver magic in a very short period of time. The first step of doing kegels involves locating your PC muscles. If you don’t know where this muscle is, try to stop your urine while in the washroom. The muscle that was heavily involved in stopping urine is the PC muscle. Kegel exercises rotate around movement of this muscle. This means that you won’t have to dedicate time and place to do the kegels. You can do them anytime and anywhere.

PC flutter

The first kegel exercise that you can engage yourself in is PC flutter. This exercise is meant to help you have total control over the flow of semen. It involves contracting and relaxing the PC muscle for almost 10 seconds. Do this for a minute and the frequency should be at least 5 times a day. The exercise will enable you to ejaculate only if you want since you will be having total control over your body.

Flex the PC

Flex and hold your PC so as to make it stronger and in turn it will be able to have all the energy to shoot far. Though the exercise can be quite challenging, it is very effective if done well. Try to flex the muscle for 10 seconds but you can still extend to a full minute or 2!

Routinely flex and hold the PC

These of exercise to take full advantages of the above exercises so as to come up with a perfect solution. It involves holding the PC muscle for about 3 seconds, release it for the same period of time then hold it again. Continue with this routine for about 4 minutes and you will be guaranteed of getting the best results.

The Art of Pleasing Your Girl Through Oral Sex

oral-sex-499756_640Oral sex is an important part in stimulating any woman. Before you begin any foreplay, you should always think of oral sex. Oral sex always drives women nuts and they can never get enough of you. This is, however, when you do it in the right way and press the right buttons.

Oral sex is also the best way to release pressure and let you prepare in advance. Men who perform oral sex on their women, they normally last for a long time during sex. This is a proven fact and one that you should try to achieve through oral sex.

In here, you are going to learn on the best way that you can give a girl oral sex or best way of pleasing your girl through oral. You will also learn on making it to her liking and eventually becoming a pro in oral sex.

Sometimes errors can get you there

It is important that you know that everyone is wired differently and what might please one person, may not please another. However, the best advice that you can get is try and make errors then you will learn along the way. Firstly, remember to share each other desires and get to know each well before you begin oral sex.

Girls love oral sex and it is hard to get this precious information from a text book. The kind of design that your girl loves, is the one that you should make maximum use of. It is good that you avoid all the tricks you saw in a movie or heard, get to the point she loves.

Avoid rushing in

Most men that have no experience in oral sex tend to rush in; what the girl want is for you to start slow though. You should start by kissing her lips as you touch her ears gently, then make you way to the stomach. Spend some time on the stomach and give soft and gently kisses.

When you get to the inner thighs, touch them as you kiss and make sure to take you time here. This will help her build her orgasm and the more that you spend time there; she will be dying for you to lick her.

As you kiss her all the way the body, you should try as much as possible to maintain eye contact. This means that you should position yourself in a better place to see her. This position should also allow you to caress her breast.

Using the flat part of your tongue

The idea here is to release pressure and make her emotions run wild, before you start oral sex. The clitoris is full of nerves that can best be stimulated with your tongue. This is where your tongue comes into use. The key to making her scream is licking her clitoris gentle and in a circular motion.

You should also extend to the vulva with the flat part of your tongue. On the vulva, you can mix your motions slowly. Avoid using the tip of your tongue most of the time; this is because you are denying her the soft, wet and tender part of your tongue.

As it gets intense, you can add a little pressure and use your hands to areas that you cannot reach. The trick here is to maintain momentum all through and use your hands as much as your tongue.

Increase Your Cum Load With These Foods

sperm-34808_640There are two basic aspects of sexuality that most men do not seem to be happy with. One is the size of their penises and the second one is the amount of semen they ejaculate. Though penis enlargement is a highly debatable subject with most believing that it is not possible to enhance penis size, almost all men seem to agree that they can increase the volume of their ejaculate through proper and nutritious diet and other supplements.

Consuming a proper diet can help in the same way to increase semen levels the way other treatments can, foods can supply to our body the necessary amino acids, vitamins and minerals to boost up semen production. There is an old myth that says that increasing sperm count is increasing cum volume. Actually, semen does not contain sperms alone, it has 98% of water and other fluids, so an overall healthy and nutritious diet can help in improving the quantity naturally and with ease.

Water is very important for the proper functioning of our body and no process within can be completed without it, so in order to increase semen production then consuming a proper amount of water every day is primarily important. It has been found clinically that a healthy person should drink at least 8-ounces of water every day.


Nuts, seeds, raisins, hazelnut, almond, and oysters are rich sources of zinc and work well in increasing semen levels by supplying to the body this necessary element. Zinc deficiency has been noted in many males as the main reason for various types of sexual dysfunction. Lean meat, tuna and poultry products are good sources of various amino acids that human body needs for proper production of semen, as well as for producing healthy sperm. Amino acids like L-Carnitine and L-Arginine are vital for sexual health. Oatmeal is a very helpful food for increasing semen volume as it contains necessary zinc and amino acids such as L-Arginine and L-Carnitine which are essential for proper semen production.

Leafy green vegetables of all types and fruits are also good food for increasing semen levels. Vegetables like spinach, okra, asparagus, broccoli and seaweed are good sources of amino acids. Also, they supply the body a very necessary compound, folate, which is made by the body from folic acid. Though folic acid does not play any role in increasing semen volume, it is very crucial for sperm health. Cooked tomatoes, guava, banana, avocado, red peppers, watermelon and grapes are also very good at increasing semen counts since they are rich sources of vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene. These are essential to the body and help it in performing various activities necessary for proper semen levels.

Ginger and maca roots are treated as herbs, but if included in the daily diet can be very helpful in increasing semen levels. Ginger is also used as a spice and it helps the circulation of blood all over the body. Apart from consuming proper foods to increase semen levels, avoiding heat on the testicles, taking proper sleep, weight control, regular exercise and avoiding spicy and too much salty food also help immensely in increasing semen levels. Too much caffeine, alcohol, smoking are also bad for semen level and quality.